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- Low-Frequency Calibration System
- Active Vibration Control System
Active Vibration Control System
The active vibration control system provides an overall solution to vibration and noise reduction in marine and other applications.
There are three types of products: active mount for vibration control (active and passive hybrid control), active vibration absorber (only active control) and the active mount for piping system(active and passive hybrid control).
Application area
Ship Aircraft Road Vehicle
Delicate equipment Research Advanced Manufacturing
Active vibration isolation demonstration rig for a diesel engine generator
Active mount
Active and passive hybrid control.
Sensor and actuator integration and modularization.
Frequency range: 5Hz to 2000Hz
Number of controlled harmonic frequencies: more than 18
Maximum single frequency reduction: 35.4dB
Vibration reduction(in total level within 200 Hz): 20.4dB
DSP based hardware
16 inputs and 16 outputs
Dimensions: 260mm x 260mm x 100mm
Diesel Engine Demonstration Rig
Rotation speed: 800r/min. to 1500r/min.
Mass: 2.5 tons
4 stroke
6 cylinders
Active Vibration Mount
Active Vibration Absorber
Active Vibration Mount For Pipe